UNDER THE SKIN, Starring Scarlett Johansson – First Look!

So, Scarlett Johansson is now a brunette? Hm, ok, I’m still interested to hear more details about the whole thing. Ok, she looks different, almost like an alien, but, it looks that’s exactly the point with this project. I’m actually talking about the new project which comes from director Jonathan Glazer titled Under The Skin, where Johansson stars as a gorgeous woman who uses her “voracious sexuality” to entrap human prey. And ok, maybe she doesn’t look like a gorgeous woman on these photos, but c’mon guys, it’s still our lovely Scarlett!

Under The SkinIn this movie, Scarlet plays an alien on Earth, disguised as the perfect aesthetic form of a mesmerizing woman. She scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon to snare human prey – her voracious sexuality. At least, that’s the description of her character at this moment. Under The Skin is based on the novel by Michael Faber, and you can find the full synopsos of his novel in the rest of this report…

In the opening pages of Under the Skin, a lone female is scouting the Scottish Highlands in search of well-proportioned men: “Isserley always drove straight past a hitch-hiker when she first saw him, to give herself time to size him up. She was looking for big muscles: a hunk on legs. Puny, scrawny specimens were no use to her.” At this point, the reader might be forgiven for anticipating some run-of-the-mill psychosexual drama.

Scarlett Johansson Under The Skin

But commonplace expectation is no help when it comes to Michel Faber’s strange and unsettling first novel; small details, then major clues, suggest that something deeply bizarre is afoot. What are the reasons for Isserley’s extensive surgical scarring, her thick glasses, her excruciating backache? Who are the solitary few who work on the farm where her cottage is located? And why are they all nervous about the arrival of someone called Amlis Vess?

Scarlett Johansson Under The Skin 01The ensuing narrative is of such cumulative, compelling strangeness that it almost defies description. The one thing that can be said with certainty is that Under the Skin is unlike anything else you have ever read. Faber’s control of his medium is nearly flawless. Applying the rules of psychological realism to a fictional world that is both terrifying and unearthly, he nonetheless compels the reader’s absolute identification with Isserley.

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And, just in case you miss Scarlett as blonde, you can always find more great pics of Scarlett Johansson right here! :)

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